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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this website using the new questions that came into use in 2013?

How many questions is your website using?

Can you send me a copy of the official test book?

Why not?
The new question bank has not been published as it is the intention of the Ministry of Public Security that students must learn the traffic regulations and understand the intention of the rules rather than memorize answers to questions. [ CNTV ]

If that's the case then how come you've got questions on this site?
The questions on this site have been derived from Chinese sites that have somehow acquired reasonably accurate transcriptions of the question bank in Chinese and which we have in turn translated.

Why is your translation so bad?
We have tried to recreate the Chinglish of the actual driving test by using both the accounts of people who have taken the new test in English and also the translation matrix used in the old question bank which was published in both Chinese and English.

Do you know anything about the motorcycle test?
Not much, but we think it is very similiar to the test for a motor vehicle driving license. Try the mychinamoto.com forums for more information.

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